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SX-208 double-arm mechanical cavity mirror tower

 1, power supply: AC220V, 50Hz;
 2, cross arm range (radius): 750mm (can be configured according to the requirements of the hospital)
 3, horizontal rotation angle: 0~340°, horizontal arm and terminal box can be rotated separately or simultaneously;
 4, net weight ≥120kg;
 5, Instrument platform: 2 The layer (adjustable height) size is:450X350 , 460X380,rounded corners Anti-collision design, Aluminum alloy sheet, surrounded by international standard side rails,
  6、Gas interface configuration (2 oxygen, 2 negative pressure suction, 1 air): a, the color and shape of the interface are different, it has the function of preventing wrong connection; b. The number of insertion and removal is more than 20,000; c. The use of secondary sealing, with three states (pass , Break, pull), can be repaired with air;
 7, power socket: 7, 220V, 10A;
 8, equipotential ground terminal: 1 piece;
 9, 1 stainless steel adjustable infusion rod holder;
 10, the main material is made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles;
 11, the surface treatment adopts electrostatic spraying;
 12, ceiling-mounted installation, stable and firm.